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CHD Secure Websites offers website hosting in Missoula Montana. We would like to offer you hosting services, but first lets show some love for Missoula.

Missoula MontanaMissoula has over 400 acres of parkland, 22 miles of trails, and nearly 5,000 acres of conserved open-space. Located at the confluence of three rivers (the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot), the area is also popular for white water rafting and, thanks largely to the novel and subsequent film A River Runs Through It by Missoula native Norman Maclean, is well known for its fly fishing. Additionally, Missoula has two aquatic parks, multiple golf courses, is home to the Adventure Cycling Association, and hosts what Runner’s World called the “best overall” marathon in the U.S. There are also three ski areas within 100 miles: Montana Snowbowl, Discovery Ski Area, and Lost Trail Powder Mountain. Slightly farther away are Lookout Pass, Blacktail Mountain, and Big Mountain.

A system of public parks was developed in Missoula in 1902 with the donation by lumber baron Thomas Greenough and his wife Tessie. They gave a 42-acre tract of land along Rattlesnake Creek for Greenough Park, on the condition that “the land forever be used as a park and for park purposes to which the people of Missoula may . . . find a comfortable, romantic and poetic retreat”.In a follow-up nine years later in a letter to the Missoulian, he stressed his interest in having the park remain in as close to a native state as possible. That request, along with the discovery that non-native Norway maples were inhibiting the growth of native trees and shrubs such as cottonwoods, ponderosa pines and Rocky Mountain maples, led to the controversial decision to remove Norway maples from the park with the hope of returning it to its natural state.

Missoula MontanaIn 1924, Bonner Park was created out of John L. Bonner’s estate near the university. The park today has multiple athletic fields and courts in addition a band shell used by the Missoula City band through the summer. The Kiwanis club set up a park downtown in 1934, making Kiwanis Park the first of a string of parks which line both sides of the Clark Fork River. One of those parks on the southern bank of the river is McCormick Park, which was created with WPA funds out of surplus highway land, a parcel from the American Hide and Fur Company, and land donated from the Kate McCormick estate. The 26-acre park, named for Washington J. McCormick and his wife is home to a skate park, aquatics center, a free bike check-out and a children’s fishing pond. Other popular parks include the Jacobs Island Bark Park, a designated area for dogs to play off-leash; the Montana State veterans’ memorial rose garden; Waterwise Garden, a “living laboratory” garden utilizing water conservation techniques; and Splash Montana Waterpark at Playfair Park.

Website Hosting in Missoula Montana

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